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buyer Services

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a home!  With our B Guided Home system, you will always feel in control of your purchase. 

Contact us to schedule your free buyer’s consultation. We look forward to working with you!

Market Research and Property Search:

  • Conduct market research to identify suitable properties based on the buyer's criteria.

  • Assist the buyer in finding properties through listings, databases, and other resources.


Property Showings:

  • Schedule and accompany the buyer to property showings.

  • Provide information about the neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and other relevant factors.


Price and Offer Guidance

  • Help the buyer determine a reasonable and competitive offer price for the chosen property.

  • Prepare and present the offer to the seller's agent on behalf of the buyer.



  • Negotiate with the seller or their agent to secure the best possible terms for the buyer.

  • Negotiate price, closing costs, contingencies, and other terms of the purchase contract.


Due Diligence

  • Guide the buyer through the due diligence process, which includes inspections, appraisals, and other assessments of the property's condition and value.

  • Help the buyer understand their rights and responsibilities during this phase.


Contract Management

  • Assist the buyer in reviewing and understanding the purchase contract and related documents.

  • Ensure that all contractual deadlines are met.


Coordination with Professionals

  • Coordinate with other professionals involved in the transaction, such as inspectors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, and title companies.


Financing Assistance

  • Help the buyer navigate the mortgage pre-approval process and secure suitable financing options.

  • Explain different mortgage types and their implications.


Contingency Management

  • Advise the buyer on contingencies, such as financing and inspection contingencies, and help them decide when to remove or address them.


Closing Process

  • Guide the buyer through the closing process, including reviewing closing documents and ensuring all necessary paperwork is in order.

  • Attend the closing with the buyer to provide support and answer any last-minute questions.


Post-Closing Support

  • Offer assistance with any post-closing matters or questions that may arise.


Confidentiality and Loyalty

  • Maintain confidentiality and act in the best interests of the buyer throughout the transaction.

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